Sunday, December 7, 2008

I requested a letter from Kay at Prairie Quilts & Kolaches for this meme. She assigned me the letter letter is "N" for St. Nicholas. It was his Holy Day when she assigned it to me. I am supposed to list 10 things I LOVE that begin with the letter assigned.

1. Nativity Scenes

2. Nikon Cameras (it's bad, we have 3 of them)

3. Nightfall, especially when we are siting in the treehouse in the summer.

4. Nieces

5. Nephews

6. Navel Oranges

7. Nutcrackers

8. Bird Nests

9. Nature in all her seasons

10. The most important, my husband, Nestor.

If you want to do add this to your blog, leave a comment and ask for a letter. It's a lot of fun, if you want to try it.


Debs-Charlottesville, VA said...

Your turn... please assign me a letter :-)

Tami said...

How fun! Do we ask you for the letter? I want to participate in this!