Thursday, October 23, 2008

Change of plans

Well, the day didn't go quite as planned. My Dad has been suffering from chest pains and was admitted to the local hospital on Monday. They were going to do a heart catheritization to check the bypasses he had a number of years ago. He had a stent put in earlier this spring, and we didn't even consider that to be an issue. Surprise! The local hospital discovered a problem and could not do what was necessary to fix it, so he was transported to a much larger hospital in another town. As soon as I got the call that it was more serious, I got in the car and headed north. I picked up Mom and we made it to that hospital about the time he went into the cath lab. The original stent from spring had failed, so they put in a new one, making essentially a stent sandwich. If this one fails, then it's another bypass. Ugh. I'll be here until tomorrow at the soonest, the nurses and doctors feel that he should be released to go home tomorrow, and if it's early enough in the day I'll head home, hopefully with some sunshine left in the day to sit in the treehouse.


Tami said...

Sharon, I'm really sorry to hear about your Dad. I'll be saying prayers for all of you.


Sharon said...

Tami, thank you. Dad is home and happy to be there.