Thursday, October 16, 2008


Fall is quickly coming to North GA. I was sitting in the treehouse this morning, with my cup of tea, and I noticed the amount of yellows and reds in the leaves. A cold front is coming this weekend, high 60's for the daytime and low 50's for the nights.

We took a ride out to a pumpkin farm when our friends were in last weekend. Even though we are in a drought, it was still amazing to see all of the colors, sizes and types of gourds. We won't get a pumpkin to carve, too many years in south Florida cured that! If you wanted to have a carved pumpkin on your porch, you carved it and put it out on Halloween, because by the next morning the heat would make it mush. I love the colors of Indian corn and was playing around with exposures. I like how that picture turned out.

It's time for the evening glass of tea on the porch. Take a beverage of your choice and go enjoy your porch, stoop or seat in the yard. It's good for your soul.


Kay said...

LOVE the photos. Watermark them! They are worthy of your name.

Tami said...

Your pictures are alway so pretty! I love the Indian corn!

I couldn't believe that it went from the high 80*s to the 60*s in one day! What happened to fall? I really miss the fall weather in Pa. The colors have been pretty nice around here in NC this year, though.

Amanda said...

Wow Sharon, gorgeous photos, LOVE the Indian Corn!

homemoma said...

those pumpkins are great looking. i wish we had something like that here. and thank you for visiting my blog