Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cough, Cough

I've been battling a bit of a cold. Nothing major, but I hate the cough tht comes with the "drainage". I am not much of a medicine taker, but in the last week have tried a few different combinations with little result. Hubby reminded me that we still have some of "Grandma's Cough Drops" in the fridge. Woo Hoo! Coughing has stopped! This is a picture of them:
Ok, so why am I showing you a picture of marachino cherries? Oh, but they are not ordinary cherries!
A long time ago a friend of my Dad told him of their family holiday tradition of steeping cherries in vodka. Dad decided to try it, and put them to steep at Halloween. Christmas Day came and Dad offered them around, not telling what they were. My grandmother was skeptical, but took one anyway. She bit down, and started coughing from the ingestion of straight vodka. She called Dad some impolite names as we all laughed at her. Dad left the cherries on the table and we all enjoyed a few, but the best was Mom-Mom. She would do a polite ladies cough and decide that she needed another one! She was a bit tipsy by the end of that day!
Fast forward 20 years. The torch has been passed and now our son makes the cherries. This year he decided to try something different, Bacardi 151!!! Wooooo dogggggiiiieeee! These are potent!
My happiness today, is the remembering of the story and family traditions. Oh and yes, I feel much better. Hmmm, I feel another coughing fit coming on. I'd best go take my medicine.


Heather said...

hahaha. that sounds like some tasty medicine!

tamilyn said...

Just don't cough next to a candle :)

Sharon said...

Heather, breathtaking is more like it! But oh so good!

Sharon said...

Tamilyn, nor should you cough drop and drive!

Tami said...

Sharon, I'm coming over to your house for some medicine the next time I have a cough!

I've eaten the cherries soaked in vodka but never in Bacardi!

Thanks for the Steelers prayer. I'm posting it on my blog. :)

Debs-Charlottesville, VA said...

As your "adopted" Sister, I deserve to have the recipe or at least a jar of them.