Sunday, January 18, 2009

So where have I been?


The short answer is I've been lazy. The long answer is, well, longer.

Work got crazy. We ran a 50% off everything in the store sale from the 18th of December until our close for the season date of January 4th. I had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, then worked every day through the end. I was amazed at what people will buy when marked half off! Long and frenetic days, to say the least!

January 5th was hubby's birthday. The kids took us out for dinner to celebrate. I took him shopping for some new clothes for me. I had put off buying new dress slacks too long. I had need for dress clothes later in the week, so delaying any longer was not an option. I loathe shopping. I had 2 stores in mind to visit. I hit pay dirt on the first store! Walked in, found a sale rack, pulled 4 pairs of pants that should fit and went to try them on. 2 of the 4 were perfect! Exactly what I needed! Took them to the checkout, and they were on clearance. I was willing to pay the sale price, so getting them for a third of the price I was elated! Then it was on to find tops. 8 stores later I found 2 that "would work". Ugh

Thursday, Sunday and Monday I shopped for work. I'd never been on a buying trip before, and this was interesting. It's hard to put aside personal style and order things that are within the style of the offering in the store. The best part of it all was that I got to see Tyler Florence give a demo of recipes from his newest cookbook.

Since then, I've been happily enjoying a mini vacation. The store remains closed until the first weekend in March, so I have a few weeks to relax. We've been scanning old pictures into the computer and enjoying trips down memory lane. I'm reading a book a day, catching up on housework and cooking. I've started a workout video, hopefully I will keep it up.

That's the long version of where I've been. Sorry it's been so long.

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