Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ready for spring and a few things I've learned

I have started some spring cleaning and redecorating. I'm not generally a pink person, but there is something about spring that makes me think pink. Hubby found some cool tea cup/saucer hangers at a craft store for clearance pricing. They were brass, and I dislike that color. Out came the spray paint, and voila! I gathered my pink hued glassware and some teacups that were in the storage cabinet and the buffet is ready for spring. It's my little piece of happy, now that the weather has gone cold again.
Some things I've learned over the past week:
Silicone spatulas are awesome. Just make sure that the handle is silicone or something other than plastic that won't melt. That pan of beans went into the trash.
Silicone spatulas are awesome. After you have melted one, make sure you don't replace it with one with a metal handle. OUCH
Silicone spatulas are awesome. I finally learned my lesson and got one with a wooden handle and all is well. I smarten up over time.
I'm heading to NC for a visit with my parents. I'll be helping with a little bit of spring cleaning, teaching some new computer stuff and enjoying a visit. I'll be sharing pictures and annoying their cat. I'll post pics when I get back.
Daffodils are up here. Spring is coming. That's plenty of happy for me today. Take the time to find yours.

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