Sunday, May 17, 2009


"So," you may ask, "where have I been?"

The short answer is I've just not written, because some of what I may have said would have been hurtful, far more than the original hurt. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to "edit posts". I've always found it easier to write rather than confront, so the writing part has been cathartic. I've not yet confronted the person or the problem, and probably never will, as I am a coward at heart.

Enough of that, that's why I haven't written. Now onto what's been happening otherwise. Spring has arrived in the mountains! We've not had a problem with pollen this year, as we are making up for the drought years all in one season! Everything has turned green, and if it's not a plant, then it's the stuff that shouldn't be. The decks, bird bath and driveway need washing and bleached, if you know what I mean.

I've had a wonderful visit with a lifelong friend. It was one of those things where the planets aligned and we got to spend a weekend together. We celebrated Christmases and birthdays past. She is a talented needlewoman and I was blessed with some pieces she made especially for me.

There is a 3rd piece but the pic looks awful, my fault. Years ago I chose the Christmas scene, long before we moved into our cabin. The pic in the first one was taken at her wedding, 6 years ago.

The same weekend that Deb and Jason were here, my middle brother, Kevin, was in the hospital with a brain aneurysm over the optic nerve. There was a bit of miscommunication between his significant other and my parents. Anyone that knows me will understand when I say I took matters into my own hands, found contacts through friends and hospitals and got directly to the hospital and the nurses involved. Middle man was effectively eliminated. Kevin is better, out of the hospital and recovering. I don't do drama any more than I do shopping.

Youngest brother, Kirk, has found a permanent job. He's given up travelling nursing, and found a job in a hospital near our parents in NC. Like many people, there was an extended period of time off prior to finding the new job. Mom and Dad have been hosting him for the last few months, and I am sure all are celebrating the new job!

J & P are in Vegas this week. She has a trade show and he has some vacation time. They've found a new place to live in Dahlonega, so when they get back, it's all packing and moving. It's a cute little house with a pretty view and a pond on the property. Lots of wildlife visit the area and P will have plenty of gardening opportunities.

I'm busy with work. We've had a media familiarization group come through, and just participated in National Tourism Week. We have revamped the shop and made changes to the snake room as well as the viewing gallery, with more decorating to come. We've designed new t-shirts using pictures of our bears. I'll be working on revamping our website, working with tour groups and doing most anything that needs to be done. We've got a new keeper for the bears and she is teaching me a lot about animal behavior. I'm tired, but having a blast!

I am waiting by the phone for news on our niece, Colleen. She is pregnant, a few days shy of 34 weeks, with some high blood pressure and is having strong contractions. She is in the hospital waiting for her dr to arrive. We're all praying baby Ryan will hang out in Mom a little longer.

I think that just about catches me up. I promise more pics of the treehouse, when it becomes a little drier out there. Thanks for your patience with me.


Tami said...

Sharon, it sounds like you've been super busy. I hope that you are able to grab a few minutes away by yourself and enjoy a beautiful spring day. We've had our share of rain around here but we're not lucky enough to escape the pollen. It's still here and roaring its ugly head.

Lisa said...

Hello, I was just Blog-Hopping and ran across your blog. Very well written!