Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day

Here's some new pics of the treehouse and the house decorated in it's patriotic finery.

Wanna come take a nap in the hammock?

My little garden on the back deck. Peppers, tomatoes and some herbs. Sounds like a salad.

Front porch view. Yep, the propane tank is still where it belongs.

Rocker in a sunbeam. Can life get any better?

Front of the house. For some reason people slow down when they drive by.

I just like the angle of this shot.
A quick catch up.
The kids got moved, Justin and the Dads moved all the heavy stuff. I arrived in time to bring supper - I think I got the best end of it all. Paula was happy everything fit and the multiple mice found under the dryer were only cat toys.
We're seeing sunshine after an extended period of rain. Makes me not want to be at work. Hmmm is that any different from the other days?
2 weeks until I get one of the bestest birthday presents I've had in a long time. Nestor's sister will be coming down for my b-day weekend. She must really love me, as she has to leave her house at 3:30 am to make a 5:30 flight. I can't hardly wait!
Found a must make adult libation recipe. Bourbon Cherry Lemonade. I'll be testing it this weekend. If it's good I'll share the recipe. Can't see how it would be bad.....
Work calls. I have been doing web stuff and now have to go back and do real work. Have a great weekend!

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