Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flashback and sadness

This picture goes back 25 years. It's Justin and my ex-brother-in-law Chris. Chris is Dad to Colleen, Brittany and CJ, grand dad to Robby and Ryan. Chris has had health problems for the entire 25+ years I have known him, and today he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Of course his kids are devastated, as well as the rest of his family.

Winnie, Justin and Chris about 15 years later. Justin had flown up from Florida to spend a week with them at Ocean City, MD.
It's an interesting spot in which I sit. I am saddened by the news, yet feel somewhat detached. He has given me 3 of the most precious people in my life, yet I've had no contact with him in years. It's hard, especially, because we are the same age. His life is now in the hands of God. All I can do is pray for him to have as painless of a journey as possible, and that his children, sisters, brothers, parents and friends have the strength to help him on his final journey.

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