Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I started this one a week ago!

Whew! Yep, I've been gone 2 weeks - ish. Sorry about that.

Ok, so I've had homework, mid terms and now final exams. I've discovered in one of my classes that my type-A, perfectionist tendencies don't mean a thing. Spelling and the fact that some people use words they can't read, nor do they know the meaning of, gets the same grade. Grrr As for math, I'm finally re-grasping all that stuff we learned in middle and high school. There have been moments where the light bulb has flashed on because I recognized a problem, but just as quickly the light was extinguished as I had no clue what I was doing to solve it. I took half of that final last week and have the 2nd half tomorrow. Whew!

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