Monday, February 28, 2011

Come, sit a spell

I spent much of Sunday curled up right here, with a book and a glass of tea. Not much reading happened as I was zoned out watching the mountain and looking at all the new growth in the yard. Welcome spring!

The crocus are blooming in the side yard. A previous owner just randomly dropped a handfull of bulbs in a hole, and we get to enjoy them for a while.

Daffodils, of course.

More stuff will be blooming soon, too. The treehouse isn't ready for it's close up, but will be soon. It's too early for the hammock and the deck really needs a pressure wash and restain. I'll post before and afters when we finally get it done. Hubby is building a bench for me in the side yard, under an old oak tree. We have plans for the hill in front of our house, for a small raised bed, sitting area and the fire pit. Plenty of areas for you to come and sit a spell.

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