Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Day off

I've had a true day off! I've not gone off the porch, talked to anyone from work and not done any house work. Doing nothing is exhausting. I needed this day.
Let me catch up on the last few days.
Tuesday I went to visit the folks in NC. It was a short visit, but the time spent together was good. We took a ride to a favorite place, Manual Woodworkers and Weavers in Bat Cave, had a nice lunch of BLT's on a rare treat of white squishy bread, traded stuff and just hung out. I took no pictures, as it was misty, drizzly gray and rainy.
Wednesday was back to work, where the day dragged on. I did get some work finished on some presentations I'll make to various bus groups about our facility, so the lack of customers wasn't so bad.
Thursday was errand running before a few hours at work. I'm glad I got finished early, as an exhaustion migraine bloomed and I was out of commission for the rest of the day.
Friday and Saturday were work days and I hate getting out after dark. Thankfully Oktoberfest is only 7 weeks long this year!
The treehouse was busy today with birds. I have no idea what some of them were, but I know we saw them in the spring, so this must be the fall migration route. Nestor and I hung out in our chairs, looking at the changing leaves and just catching up. Peekaboo sunshine, woodpeckers and a light breeze sent me inside for slightly warmer clothes and a pair of socks. I love Fall! Our football teams game wasn't broadcast here today, so we savored more time outside. The perfect day!

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