Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fall Clean up

We folded up the hammock and stand this weekend. It's always kind of sad when we start to winterize the treehouse. We use it all 4 seasons, but only keep a few chairs and the fire pit out there over the winter. The leaves needed to be swept from the deck, and the grill was moved closer to the house. We'll use that over the winter as well, it's tradition to grill in the snow.
The birds are feasting more these days. Hummingbirds are still around, we'll have them at the feeders until Thanksgiving, and I'll take them down in early December, in case of stragglers. I enjoy watching the winter birds come back. As soon as the bears hibernate I'll put out suet and fruit feeders. I've learned my lessons well. We've had too many bears up on that deck to rush the season. I work near bears every day, but when they are on MY porch I freak out. Go figure.
I'm working on my decorating scheme for the front porch. Christmas is near, but we don't set out any decorations until after Santa arrives at the end of the Macy's Parade. I've been itching to get into the Christmas closet, but know once I do, it's all over!
We're due to have a freeze tonight. I need to go cover some plants. Stay warm!

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