Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am so ready

I'm ready for Thanksgiving. I believe it's my favorite holiday. I enjoy the cooking, the sharing and the anticipation of the meal. There will only be 4 of us at table this year, but the meal will be shared for days. We'll trade leftovers at work, and hopefully get together with friends to share turkey sandwiches at the end of the weekend.
Gone are the days of the huge family gatherings. Our family is spread all over the place, and so many now have their own families. It's hard to get together, but we will still share the meal. Phone calls will be made, with descriptions of all the food, new recipes, and laughs over who left the giblets in the turkey. Pictures will be taken and emailed around the globe, we'll even talk and see friends over the internet using webcams. We'll talk of our many blessings, plan for getting together and reminisce. We may not all be at the same table, but we'll share the meal. That is something I am Thankful for.

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kate said...

hi! i'd love to sign you up for the Food For Thought book club. send me and email at kate (AT) the clean plate club (DOT) (NET).