Monday, February 14, 2011


What a beautiful day! Much needed warm, sunny, maybe spring will arrive eventually day! It was close to 70 degrees and I was able to open the back door for some fresh air. We've been battling the crud for over a week here and are finally on the mend. I would like to thank the nice person that shared it with us for being so giving. NOT!

I got a burst of energy this morning, after a week of no house cleaning. I swept up piles of dead lady bugs, dusted and vacumed. Opened all the blinds and curtains and cleaned the bathroom. I ran all the blankets through the wash and ran the diswasher. Then I ran out of steam. I took my self out to the treehouse and had a nap in the sun. Solar batteries were recharged!

I took 2 trips down and up the basement steps, 3 trips up and down the steps to the loft and 3 laps around the driveway and up the hill. Yes, I got winded, but I lived. Gonna do that each day for a few and then add another rep of each. Tomorrow I add the Dancing with the Stars cardio workout, just the warm up kicks my rear! Free exercise! I had a large bowl of air popped popcorn for lunch, a skinny cow ice cream for a snack and supper was 2 lightly sauteed chicken tenders and green beans and potatoes cooked together. I am not going to make this blog into a diet and exercise tome, but I wanted to share how I am starting this weight loss thing.

Tomorrow I go back to class. I missed all of my classes last week due to the crud. I'm ahead on homework, but will have to take a couple of tests. I am pretty sure I will be all right, except for ratios and fractions. Going to study a bit more for that.

I'm off to bed, Spot and Nestor will just have to move over! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

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