Sunday, February 13, 2011

I know, I know.

Hello again. Yes, I've gone missing once again. I'm back for now, I think.

I've had an awful lot of time to think lately. I've been laid off for months now, and the job market is slim pickings. I think I'm going back to the BP, at leat that's where we left it. Things have changed there, and what was once wanted has changed back to what is easy. I certainly like being a paid employee rather than a business owner right now. Yes, we still have our painting business, but home improvement is way down the list for most people and we need the somewhat steady income.

I've started school, again. I think it's what I want, but I still haven't settled on wht to do with it. Right now my major is Commercial Photography, it's kinda where I wound up when the computer classes weren't what I was expecting, nor were they well taught. My classmates and I spent a lot of time teaching each other, and that's not what I was paying tuition for.

I've started something I have started and stopped many times over my adult life. I need to stay focused and not beat myself up. I am tired of feeling the way I do, which is lethargic and fat. So, I've started some walking and hauling myself up the loft stairs at least 3 times a day. My caloric intake has decreased as well. I've got a few goals, but simply having more energy and stamina are first up.

Who knows where this blog will go now. Right now this blog writer has a date with the treehouse and a couple of seed catalogs. After a week of the crud, I need to bake myself.


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