Monday, February 21, 2011


It's been a blah weekend. I've read a few books, soaked up some sun in the treehouse and generally just lazed around. I did nothing of any consequence all weekend, and I'm tired from it. Why is it when you do nothing to exert yourself that you feel more tired than you do when you've spent the day working in the yard?

Mentally, I've done a lot. Homework is caught up, worked some crossword puzzles on line and we did the taxes. Physically, I worked in the house, and did the personal stairmaster, but little else. I'm still "off my feed" from this crud so meals are just food. I'm feeling better, the exercise is doing me some good, but I still feel blah. Hopefully this will change soon.

Things to look forward to this week: visiting with Justin on Tuesday, tea with Chris sometime this week and library time on Thursday.

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